Your Wedding

There will be no unexpected ‘surprises’ at the ceremony, and everything will run smoothly because we have both worked together to make your day as memorable as possible. But of course, if there is a little hitch (perhaps the little flower girl has had second thoughts!) then these will just make the day, not spoil it. 

By the time of your wedding day, all the legal documentation will have been taken care of, you would have received and made your ceremony choices and sent them back to me 3-4 weeks before your wedding, so that I can have your ceremony almost finished by the time of our last meeting, and all the finer details (wishes and instructions) would have been noted and acted upon.

If it is possible, a rehearsal on the day prior to the ceremony is highly recommended and included at no additional cost. This ensures that all the bridal party understand their roles and knows exactly what to do and where to stand. Small details that make the day go smoothly!!

All the Ceremony choices would have been sent back to me well before the BIG DAY, over the weeks or months before, and by email or phone, we would have sorted out all the plans for the ceremony, you would have received Guides to help, and there will only be original documents to sight of everything you had scanned, and the Declaration to sign that is your legal Statement that there are no legal reasons why you cannot marry. 

Aside from the photos on this website, you will find that in your wedding photos, you will very rarely find me in them. I am very conscious of not ‘imposing’ myself into your special moments. My ceremonies are always relaxed and happy occasions for everyone. 

I am committed to making your ceremony one that will reflect your interests, your values and vision, and your personalities. I am friendly, attentive, organised and professional. To me it is important that you have chosen a celebrant who is in tune with you, and your guests. I speak almost as much to them as I do to you, because I regard their presence as an integral part of your celebration.


Firstly, once you have looked over the website and feel comfortable with what you have read you can then contact me to see if I am available at, or you can give me a call. 

You would need to read carefully the LEGALTIES page of this website. 

If you are a local resident, we will arrange a meeting and take care of the initial documentation including the signing of the NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE.

If you are from outside of Dubbo, once the booking is confirmed and the NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE is downloaded, witnessed by the correct authorities, (in your area) and emailed to me with all the relevant supporting documents (See Legalities Page on this Website) and I have officially lodged your proposed marriage document, I will then send you your Ceremony choices, About Us sheet, and a Ceremony Detail Sheet which is ‘my picture’ for the day – whether you have 6 or 60 guests. 


I realise this is an important part of your planning and budgeting, but it is important for you to be aware that my fee is fair and based upon the fact that I spend approximately 10-12 hours per wedding and I do go ‘the extra mile’ in helping you. I cannot give you here an estimate because every wedding is different. There may also be an additional fee for travelling outside the Dubbo area, depending on distance.

I give you an Invoice and Service Agreement at the start, which is your guarantee that your wedding is booked with me, at which time a deposit is paid. And whether your ceremony is very small and simple, or more formal and involved, the amount of paperwork is still the same. 

So if after reading all of this, I do hope that it has answered most of your questions and concerns, and I really do look forward to hearing from you. Email or Mobile phone is generally best.