Legal Requirements for a Marriage

Couples must submit to the Celebrant a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) at least 1 calendar month before the proposed wedding date.  If you are local, I can provide this document and assist you with its completion. Alternatively if you live some distance away the document can be downloaded below:

Click Here for NOIM Form

The first page can be completed, signed by at least one of you and witnessed by an authorised person as stated on the form. Scanned identity and proof of age documents need to be forwarded to me with the NOIM to

If either party has been previously married, divorce details or death certificates are also required.

Obtaining you Official Registered Certificate of Marriage after the Wedding:

It is so important that if there are any changes to CONTACT Details, particularly POSTAL address and PHONE, OCCUPATIONS, to advise me as soon as possible.

On the day of your wedding, I will give you a PRESENTATION CERTIFICATE, but these days all couples who have married in New South Wales, should apply, after the wedding for their Official Registered Certificate of Marriage from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Dept., (BDM) in Sydney, New South Wales.


  There are many reasons including showing the Certificate as EVIDENCE of either
  • your Marriage 
  • your Conjugal Status
  • changes to your Surname 
  • Re-registering your marriage in your country of origin (only if that country requires.)
  • These changes can relate to you both. For example - Superannuation, Wills, Life Insurance, Taxation, Centrelink, as well as Name change evidence for such documents as Passports and Driver Licences. 

Before a Marriage can take place

The Celebrant needs to sight the originals of all documents that have been previously scanned, and take possession of the original NOIM (Notice of Intended marriage).  You must be over the age of 18.

So, if you are a resident of Australia, you will need Originals of:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Official Court Divorce Papers, 
  • Death Certificate if widowed 
  • Certificate of Name Change, if name has been changed other than by previous marriage.
  • Photo ID (Passport or Driver’s Licence)

Coming from Overseas for your marriage

You will need:
  • A current Overseas Passport 
  • Official Court Divorce Papers
  • Death Certificate if widowed
  • Certificate of Name Change, if name has been changed other than by previous marriage
  • You MUST have your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) Form witnessed by ONLY:
    • An Australian Embassy/Consular Authorized Staff member 
    • or a Notary Public of your country. (See a Law Firm in your home town for lists of these.)

Any documents NOT in English need to be translated and originals of both to be brought with you for Celebrant to SIGHT before a Ceremony can be officiated.